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Click here to download the flyer for Mindfulness by the Water.

Mindfulness by the Water

WHEN: Thursdays (12-1pm) and Sundays (3-4pm), from December 5 – December 21, 2019. Will resume the 2nd week of January 2020.
WHERE: Junipero Beach (right of the Lifeguards Headquarters)
WHAT: Offer your Gratitude Donation (Donation suggested = $10).
(Pre)Registration REQUIRED: call 309-793-7881, email: info@satvacenter.com

Mindfulness is defined as the Art and Science of Happiness, through both its formal (e.g. meditation) and informal practices. It enhances our brain functions, the awareness and quality of our life/perception & relationships, by allowing us to be in the here & now, calming the mind’s repetitive or negative thoughts, worries, (self)judgement, emotional reactivity and overall stress level. The Mindfulness path fosters a return to our true essence, a deep reconnection to our body, mind, heart and soul in gratitude, acceptance and non-judgment.

Rita Melissano, Ph.D., Mindfulness teacher and holistic psychotherapist, brings this ancient discipline to Long Beach in a unique way. In her inspiring and compassionate guidance, she offers you the very special experience of “Mindfulness by the Water”. Recent studies show that spending time by a “blue space” enhances mood and reduces stress (…just like Mindfulness!), making marine and coastal places by far the happiest locations. Dr. Melissano invites you to become more mindful and enjoy even more the gift of living in our beautiful Long Beach, with Mindfulness by the Water!!!

Dress comfortably and bring what you need to sit-walk-lay down by the beach.
For more information about Dr. Melissano’s professional background and expertise, click HERE