T'ai Chi

A Chinese ancient system of rounded, fluid movements that enhance joint mobility, body flexibility, balance, and circulation. It also centers the mind.

Led by John Hawry
Sessions held in the Healing Arts Building.

Tai Chi Chuan is a soft martial art that originated in China. It was first practiced by Shaolin monks as a form of exercise. It is considered a soft martial art because it utilizes Chi energy as opposed to muscle strength. The concept of Chi energy is a part of Taoist philosophy which also originated in China over 2000 years ago. Chi is the energy force that permeates the universe. It is represented by the white half of the Taoist Yin Yang symbol, the black half being where the Chi is not present. Chi flows through us and around us.

In Tai Chi we learn to work with Chi energy for many purposes. We can use it to bring health to our bodies and our state of mine. We can also use it to defend ourselves, and as a form of meditation. At Satva Center we practice the Yang style short form (19 moves) as well as the Yang style long form (105 moves). The short form can be learned fairly quickly but takes a lifetime to master.