Spiritual Retreats

Retreats are a balm for the soul and a wonderful way to rebalance and rest. It is not a way to avoid our “fast and loud” daily life, but an opportunity to remind ourselves of an important step in the natural cycle of living.

Led by Rita Melissano, or Venerable Somnieng

It is the reminder to “open the windows of our hearts and let the Spirit speak”, in Rumi’s words. A retreat is a way to dive into our inner space and tune in with the meaning of our life, to go inside ourselves where the source of joy and inner peace resides, where choices already made become more clear, and decisions to be made unfold more naturally. It is a sacred space we enter, where our soul can slow down and become aware of its beauty, aware of itself and its needs. We then care for our bodies by enhancing all our senses, relax and re-energize. We pay attention to our feelings, thoughts and inner longing. We finally acknowledge our deepest desires and dreams in this life.

Even though we are down town in an urban area, the Satva Center offers the peacefulness, the beauty and the wilderness of the country. Retreats participants are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor (e.g. the pond and fish, the labyrinth, the fire circle, and the wild life (birds, butterflies, humming birds, dragonflies, fireflies, rabbits etc.), as well as the simplicity of the indoor space. The retreat provides many soothing and relaxing experiences: sitting meditations in the Meditation Building, walking meditations and Labyrinth walks in Shanti Park, as well as opportunities to journal, do yoga, receive a massage, Reiki and a Reflexology treatment or Sound Healing in the Healing Arts Building.

Ancient teachings and mindfulness techniques are embedded into the entire event. Silence is observed throughout the retreat, outside of the group sessions and activities. Retreats participants can stay at the Victorian Inn, the Bed & Breakfast next door within the Broadway Historic District, or walk to the Holiday Inn if they prefer the amenities of a hotel. Anybody can take advantage of these special events. Specific retreats will be periodically provided for groups such as women, couples, professionals and ministers.